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deny the use of empty math in texvcjs
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Currently the math extension assumes, that everything that is valid tex, i.e. status code '+' from texvcjs can be rendered.
However, in T134652 a case was discoverer, where this assumption is not true. Thus the exception message form the Math extension is inaccurate in that case.

Make empty input return status code 'S' rather than '' and return a reasonable error string (empty math input not allowed).

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TheDJ renamed this task from deny the use of empty math in tevcjs to deny the use of empty math in texvcjs.Apr 4 2018, 2:11 PM

I honestly don't know how to implement that. It would require a new logic layer within texvcjs to detect which output is empty or only spaces respectively. Mathoid has not a problem with empty math tags. It generates MathML elements with an empty mrow. The SVG is also empty. I guess we are now in a position where we can accept empty math tags. I guess we should rather add tests to ensure that empty math tags generate empty output rather than to try to detect all input that could be used to generate empty math tags.