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Structured unit test results
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Currently the CI jobs are emitting only unstructured unit test results, which are difficult to parse and re-use.

Some CI engines, such as Jenkins, Circle CI and Appveyor understand structured unit tests results.

The two commonly understood structured data formats for unit tests are JUnit XML (and derivatives) and Cucumber JSON.

Travis CI does not plan to implement this in the immediate future.

However, it is still useful for Jenkins, which is run in Gerrit, and it is useful for local developers and tools to check the results.

pytest and nose appear to have JUnit XML built in : and

Circle CI mentions using for Django.

For Cucumber

This task is to analyse the two formats, verify that the XML outputs of the builtin plugins are correct and usable, and determine if there is a good reason to use Cucumber instead of the built in XML.

Some highly desirable features for the choice between XML or JSON:

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