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Documentation of daily activities and responsibilities of CLs and Product teams
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I'm assigning the task to myself for what concerns CLs - the group which is working around this is much larger.
I'd like to thank @Moushira for starting a related conversation among CLs and providing a frame for discussion.

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More details about deliverables ASAP (possibly in July).

There haven't been many meetings lately, and I'm attending them to provide a CL POV.
There should be one at some point with several WMF "stakeholders" to go through the results of an internal "survey" about what's working and what's not in our relationship, and to see if there are "low hanging" fruits we can pick to improve something in the short term.
(My apology for the imperfect terminology: I trust you get the gist.)

Qgil mentioned this in Unknown Object (Task).Sep 2 2016, 8:03 AM

"Documentation of daily activities and responsibilities of CLs and Product teams" will happen through more detailed documentation at the Technical-Collaboration-Guidance , right? We also have the Community Liaison job description as a reference.

I still think it is worth having this task open as an individual goal, hopefully to be completed to a "good enough" level by the end of next quarter?

So I added some links related to roles and responsibilities to our page on Meta, and will also put a list of workflows there.

A step that has been talked about, but I don't own entirely, is publishing job descriptions somewhere (for what concerns me, I published my Senior CL JD on Office, in case it's needed for internal conversations).

As for the conversation between CLs and Product teams:
the TL;DR is that it became something way larger than anticipated, and it involved several people.

The current understanding is that part of that conversation is now related to TCG, so it should produce documentation in that area, yes.
But for what concerns the particular point I'm interested in, that is, the relationship between CLs and Product teams (as well as other issues that have been discussed in the larger group), I have volunteered to lead related efforts. My intention is that, once Product identifies a person willing to work with me on these issues, we can start brainstorming solutions and at least trying to get something done. I would also like the Team Practices group to be involved as much as possible, going forward.
I believe that improving process, for example, may be a "low hanging fruit"; the goal is having a healthy relationship, and sticking to some kind of protocol may be a first step in that direction.