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Priority match the wikicode instead of names
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When I type a wikicode in the language box, it will first select the language name rather than the wikicode matches, this also applies to I press Tab key to auto-complete.
Which in some cases lead to unwanted results:
Type ko: get Kongo (kgwiki) instead of kowiki
Type es: get Esperanto (eowiki) instead of eswiki

I hope it is priority to select the wikicode matching, it should not be assumed that I will enter the language name of a local character.
Or at least first matching wikicode when I press Tab key, but this produces a inconsistent UI.
Or, provide a preference option.

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This catches me out a lot. I'm used to using the language codes to refer to sites (it's in the URL, it's used when making a link to another wiki, it's even shown right next to the sitelink), so I expect the language code to also select the right site when adding sitelinks. It does work for most of them and when I come across one where it doesn't, it often takes several attempts to select the right site (I press tab before I can stop myself).

Preferring language codes would mean there is always a short and predictable way to select any site, regardless of how many similarly-named languages there are. Preferring language names like it does now makes some sites harder to select than others: For some, you have to either type enough of the name to make it the first result or explicitly select something other than the first result (nowiki is a good example), whereas for other sites you can just enter the language code and press tab.

Maybe adding a selector on Special:Preferences could be helpful?

I'm not sure what you mean by a selector. What would people select there?

I think just altering the order of the matches would make more sense than adding more options though because even with the proposed change, it would continue to work mostly the same as it does now (e.g. "en" already matches "English (en)", "de" already matches "Deutsch (de)", "port" already matches "português (pt)"). It would only be different when the code match is not the first match in the predefined list.

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