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Searching does not does not do a proper sanitization against "%" signs in strings
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  1. Search for "99% Invisible"

Result: Article is displayed without title
Expected: Title is shown as "99% Invisible", subtitle "Radio program"

  1. Select article

Result: Article cannot be opened, reason: « Invalid Title ""»
Expected: Article is loaded

I suspect this is a bug regarding proper sanitization against "%" signs in strings.


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Same thing when searching for e.g. 100%

JMinor triaged this task as Medium priority.May 23 2016, 9:52 PM
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Ohh thats a bad bug with an easy fix...

Should also verify other special characters.

Also add unit tests to prevent regressions on non-alphanumeric characters.

JMinor set the point value for this task to 1.Jun 9 2016, 5:25 PM
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@huayu0723 are you working on this? just verifying that it wasn't an accidental claim as it wasn't in the "Doing" column. Thanks!

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@JoeWalsh Yes. Next time I'll remember to move it to the "Doing column at the same time. Thanks for pointing it out.

@Fjalapeno Shall I test the fix myself or should someone else?

@huayu0723 we'll write up testing criteria and get it tested. We just are working on a hotfix right now.

Thanks again for picking this up

Clear. Thank you for your reply.

To test:

  1. Search for "99% Invisible"
  2. Verify search result is displayed properly with the title "99% Invisible"

Testing on iPhone with iOS 9.3.2 and Wikipedia app 5.0.5 (881.1). The issue is still there as shown in the photo below.

99 percent invisible.PNG (1×640 px, 126 KB)

Hey @Nicholas.tsg per our conversation, this fix was not included in the 5.0.5 (881.1) version. I will let you know when you can retest on a newer build. Sorry for the confusion.

Hi @Nicholas.tsg you should see 884 in TestFlight soon. Please re-test with that build.

Update: Testing on Wikipedia app 5.0.5 (884) on iOS 9.3.2 iPhone. It's fixed now as the article title "99% Invisible" is displayed on the article search result.