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If there is no more translated unit, translation page should be deleted on unit deletion.
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After T41415 got fixed, a 0% translated page is unnecessarily created/edited even if there is no translation unit. Instead of keeping an uneccessary page, it should get deleted.

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Hi, this issue specifically occurs when using Nuke extension to delete the pages, as you can see at the link provided by Nemo.

Nikerabbit added a subscriber: Nikerabbit.

I am not prioritizing this very highly now because the recommended way to delete translation pages is to go to that page and click delete, which will give you a customized form that includes deletion of all the translation units.

Please consider this hypothetical situation that clearly shows that Nuke extension is much more useful and efficient than Special:PageTranslationDeletePage to delete translation units; I find similar situations frecuently at Meta an

"a vandal creates 50 translation units from 5 different translatable pages, 10 translation units from each one: all the 5 translatable pages have been rightly created before".

#Using Special:PageTranslationDeletePage: You cannot use Special:PageTranslationDeletePage at this time because you should not delete any of the translatable pages because they have been rightly created before. If changes requested by Glaisher (T136332) have been already implemented to Special:PageTranslationDeletePage interface then you have to proceed this way: you have to go to each one of the 5 translatable pages, push the "delete" button and then select all the translation units (10) that you should delete from this translatable page, for example 2, 24, 37, 18, 32, 11, 20, 5, 29 and 14, and then click to delete. You have to repeat this procedure 5 times.

#Using Nuke extension: You should go to Special:Contributions for the vandal and push "mass deletion"; all the 50 translation units created by the vandal from all the translatable pages will be deleted, and you will not need to select nothing.

In addition to this there are many GSs an stewards who are not translationadmins at, so we cannot use Special:PageTranslationDeletePage there.

A page can become 0% translated in other ways as well (e.g. the only translation unit(s) translated are removed from the translation template). If a page becomes 0% in such a way, it may be still an important page: it can be a category page that contains pages, it can be linked from other pages, potentially from other wikis (which isn’t tracked in any way), and so on. Now if a vandal creates a translation unit for this previously 0% translated page, and an admin deletes it, the proposed solution would delete it, leading to red category links, broken interwiki links etc.