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Change [external/internal] link icons for privacy policy and terms of use on the settings screen
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On the settings screen, privacy policy and terms of use buttons should use the external link icon, [instead of] the [internal link] > icon.


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The task has been done, right? I checked the latest develop version and both icons are presented in pdf formats - which means external link icons. Right?
Just new here, hope I don't introduce too much mess.

Josve05a reopened this task as Open.EditedJun 17 2016, 9:05 PM

No, they still have an icon that looks like an arrow, when they should use the "external link" icon, since they open in Safari.

Rita, no need to move to QA once you verify - just send to PM sign off

Verified icons for Privacy and Terms of Use now take users to an external link.

Sidenote: @JMinor – will file another ticket to make these internal links, seems unnecessary for these to be external.