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Move Wikibase Quality scripts to gerrit
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there are some scripts on github that are used to populate constraints for Wikibase Quality extensions:

anything that we actually need and use should be moved to gerrit so stuff is less spread across many places and easier to find.

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Lucas: Can you please check what we actually need anymore?

  • ConstraintsFromTemplates will be obsolete once we import constraints exclusively from statements.
  • ConstraintMigration is probably unnecessary since @Ivan_A_Krestinin will do the migration (I’m not sure if this is the script he’ll use or if he has one of his own, but in any case it’s not our responsibility).
  • DumpConverter is apparently ExternalValidation territory, I have no idea if it’s necessary.
  • I don’t know what Evaluation is – it sounds like something the students would’ve used for their work / evaluation. Perhaps I can look into it more later.

TL;DR everything we currently use is on Gerrit as far as I can tell.

ConstraintMigration is not needed for me. I use another code.

Nothing left to move, per my comment two years ago.