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Enable Kartographer extension on Incubator
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Description allows requests from incubator according to The Kartographer extension seems not to be enabled though. At least the <mapframe> tag does not work on this page

Could Kartographer extension be enabled on incubator?

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Danny_B renamed this task from Enable Kartographer extension on incubator to Enable Kartographer extension on Incubator.May 24 2016, 4:20 PM

@SPQRobin What's the procedure to get a consensus about this kind of request on Incubator?

@Fnielsen Could you launch a discussion at to gather support for your request from the project?

You can then add a link to the discussion to the task.

I think we should not launch it in Incubator ahead of other wikis. Our plan is to launch it for a few small but active wikis with a significant tech-savvy communities (e.g. cawiki, hewiki (RTL), meta), get some initial feedback, and enable it everywhere at once. Incubator tends to have much smaller communities supporting them, but might take significant dev time to support them if enabled separately.

@Yurik yes, but there is a wikivoyage project there in incubation: the future da.wikivoyage.

And we already deployed maps for wikivoyage.

Perhaps should we enable it, but recommend only wikivoyage projects use it?

A bit hard -- wikivoyage project has different setting from the other
wikis, but incubator is all mixed together on the same wiki.

"the future da.wikivoyage" The Danish Wikivoyage has not taken off and might not take off - unfortunately. I have been one of the few there and edits from time to time.

Yurik edited projects, added Maps (Kartographer); removed Maps.