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Highlight revision pointer relationship through connecting line
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Problem: Currently, users do not understand which pointer indicates which revision, which makes it less probable that they will use the pointers to change to another revision.

Why we want to change that: We tested the revision slider with two users. Both of them were wondering why the pointers were blue and yellow, and did not recognize the colors as reoccuring theme from the revisions displayed below.

Connect the pointers with the revisions displayed below, that move with the pointers

Revisionslider_Line_mock.png (514×1 px, 55 KB)

The revision slider is a feature that adds a visualization of all revisions to the compare screen. Revisions are represented as bars on a line and can be selected using two pointers. The revision slider was originally prototyped by the WMF Community Tech team and then handed over to the WMDE TCB team, as it is also a solution to fulfill a wish of the German Community Wishlist: