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Update l10nupdate to be compatible with scap3
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$ l10nupdate
Rebuilding localization cache at 2016-05-25 01:21:49+00:00
Completed at 2016-05-25 01:31:37+00:00. Copying LC files to /srv/mediawiki-staging
[WARNING] The script you have used is deprecated. Try `scap cdb-json-refresh`

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Change 290620 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dereckson):
Use scap subcommands

Change 290620 abandoned by Dereckson:
l10nupdate: use scap subcommands

Done in 6f10f415.

Dereckson assigned this task to bd808.
Dereckson triaged this task as Medium priority.

Done in 6f10f415.