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Strange Ladsgroup activity on failing
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Description on wikimedia/pywikibot-core repo keeps trying to do something mentioning @Ladsgroup , and failing includes lots of entries like

2016-05-25T13:37:54+07:00 notify  GET /repos/wikimedia/pywikibot-core/commits/d937685a3269b1b6dae6cc89f0bbc3e4970a264b/statuses bot=Ladsgroup code=200     
2016-05-25T13:37:24+07:00 upload  POST /repos/wikimedia/pywikibot-core/hooks bot=Ladsgroup code=422  
    {"message":"Validation Failed","errors":[{"resource":"Hook","code":"custom","message":"Hook already exists on this repository"}],"documentation_url":""}

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jayvdb created this task.May 25 2016, 1:27 PM
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I haven't touched anything related to codecove for a very long time. I think that's bug in not us. I was the person who enabled it there so my guess is it just took my username. I just send them an email asking for an explanation.

Have you checked what we books you have added to your for something that looks broken or is not handling codecov events being sent to it?

I haven't added anything to my github account for that matter.

Maybe the github->gerrit bridge you were building?

I use another account for that. I don't want my account filled with lots of strange commits :)

ok, np. Then very curious. Hopefully they come back to us with an explanation. Their infrastructure has changed a lot since we created the accounts, with the Web UI settings panel replaced with codecov.yml, and I have hit a few bugs in that transition on my own account.

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Guess it is invalid now.