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currentevents is using 248G in Tools
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The majority of this in in currentevents/dumps

3.9G	cawiki
41G	dewiki
177G	enwiki
20G	eswiki
12K	md5.comparison
16K	md5-enwiki.txt

With enwiki being the bulk of that:

73G enwiki/20140502
104G enwiki/20151201

What is the retention policy for this Tool? Can we clean up these dumps especially those from long ago such as 2014?

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In particular is it possible that files such as:

./currentevents/dumps/enwiki/20151201/enwiki-20151201-pages-meta-history2.xml-p000018040p000019712.7z: 177M
./currentevents/dumps/enwiki/20151201/enwiki-20151201-pages-meta-history11.xml-p001554741p001625434.7z: 457M
./currentevents/dumps/enwiki/20151201/enwiki-20151201-pages-meta-history2.xml-p000021568p000023440.7z: 184M

could be replaced by accessing /public/dumps (and existing NFS ro repository for dumps)?

Hello! I just deleted all the files. Regards.