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Delete tool 'rcm'
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Please delete the tool at /data/projects/rcm. I already cleaned up the directory, the tool is unused.

There is a project with that name too, but please only delete the tool ;)

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Is deleting a tool hard? I'm just wondering, why this takes so much time.

It's nontrivial. Is there a reason to not just leave a redirect in place?

I'm just wondering, because as normal user, there is a button for deleting a tool, (which I can't use), but from outside it looks like that this is simple.


Tools cannot be deleted. However, you can make an existing web tool inaccessible by shutting down the web service (webservice stop), and you can remove all files from the project directory.

Deleting a tool is not just a matter of deleting the /data/projects/... directory. The TL;DR is that there is no existing tooling to do all of the cleanup that would be needed.

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