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Unmount unneeded NFS mounts from tool labs hosts
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Most have *all* NFS mounts, when they either need none or only some. For example, the grid masters need /data/project, but none of the otherse. Same for services. the k8s worker nodes don't need /home.

Figure out a way to only mount specific types of mounts on hosts with specific roles.

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Host types that should have no NFS:

  1. k8s master
  2. k8s etcd hosts
  3. proxies
  4. redises

Host types that should *only* have /data/project:

  1. services hosts (for manifest collection)
  2. gridengine master / shadow
  3. Cron runners
  4. Static webserver hosts
  5. Mail nodes

Things that should have all mounts

  1. Exec nodes
  2. Webservice nodes
  3. K8S worker nodes
  4. Bastion nodes
  5. Checker nodes

I think implementing T120165/T136080 might bring this forward a long way (IIUIC). If the variables that enable the NFS mounts were in Hiera, and those Hiera variables could be role-based, a host with a role that requires NFS mounts could enable them automatically (if I understand the role/Hiera setup in production correctly).

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This task is largely done, but overall, the need to review and redesign aspects of NFS is larger than this task anyway. A new task should be created when a project with more clarity is built with requirements for NFS mounts. Most of the mentioned NFS clients have been rebuilt with new parameters as is.