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Can't open Add Media dialog in VE
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  • Browser: Google Chrome, latest Stable.
  • OS: Debian Sid
  1. Set interface to any other than English.
  2. Go to enwiki.
  3. Edit any article.
  4. Add Media.
  5. Nothing will happen, browser console will have following errors:
Uncaught TypeError: str.replace is not a function


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'setLang' of undefined

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On Firefox on Fedora and MacOS, I see the str.replace error but it does not stop the dialog from opening and functioning. My interface language is set to hindi.

Works for me:

Have you tried logged out or in a clean browser session (e.g. private)?

Hmm, also fatals for me. Possibly a default gadget or something?

Does it fatal when logged out? Does it fatal in a private window?

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