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In a recent deployment, descriptive text was added to the sister project links on in order to aid users in navigation to sister wiki projects. We can iterate on those changes.

A few suggestions were proposed, such as changing some of the descriptions to standardise them and fixing capitalisation inconsistencies.

Let's discuss this in the comments, and @debt can then update the description here with the proposed solution once we're close to an agreement.

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Here's my proposal:

  • "Free Dictionary" -> "Free dictionary"
    • Improves standardisation of capitalisation on the page, whilst conveying same meaning
  • "Open course materials" -> "Free course materials"
    • Improves standardisation of describing projects as "free"
  • "The free library" -> "Free library"
    • Improves standardisation of beginning of descriptions

Thoughts welcome!

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Let's update the portal page with the following 3 suggestions and an additional one:

  • "Free Dictionary" -> "Free dictionary"
  • "Open course materials" -> "Free course materials"
  • "The free library" -> "Free library"
  • "Our community site" -> "Community coordination & documentation" (based on a comment here)

I believe this is the most official/main list of descriptions. Maybe we could leverage the existing work (and translations) from there?

Yup, we looked at that list, @CKoerner_WMF, but it's missing Meta-Wiki and we thought our wording was a bit more descriptive for the projects. Unfortunately, even on the other wikis, there isn't a lot of consensus on what descriptions to use.

Change 291158 had a related patch set uploaded (by Deskana):
Update messages for some sister projects to improve consistency

Change 291158 abandoned by Deskana:
Update messages for some sister projects to improve consistency

Wrong approach; don't have time to do it the right way right now :-)

There is a similar footer to on that uses this template As we proceed with portal updates, it'd be good to update the project descriptions in this template too :)

I've added a new epic ticket to investigate using the same sister project descriptive text on the templates for the WMF footer: T142540

Thanks for the suggestion, @JGirault!

This was pushed into production on Aug 16, 2016