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Make it clearer on old portal template pages on-wiki that the templates are no longer used
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Quote @MZMcBride:

The Meta-Wiki wiki portal pages are still being manually updated (example:, but these wiki pages are now just decoys. We should probably unprotect the Meta-Wiki pages and mark them as deprecated/historical. This may require some other work to automate the updates without using Scribunto/Lua

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I'm not super sure what this message would say, but here's a first attempt at creating a notice we could use on each of them. It notifies viewers that this page is no longer being used, and points them to the central Project portals page for more information.

Feedback is welcome.

I like it - nice and clear and concise with a link on where to look to find all the good info.

Posted a question about putting the notice on the template page asking for feedback.

CKoerner_WMF added a subscriber: MarcoAurelio.

With the suggestion of @MarcoAurelio from the previously mention discussion page I added this notice to the following pages:

This seems sufficient to alert potential editors of these unused templates without messing up any of the code.