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Support MOD format in TimedMediaHandler
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Recent discussion on Commons irc channel about how it'd be cool to support MOD files

There is a JS player at . We could also transcode to ogg with timidity. Of course a random conversation on irc does not mean that the commons community would actually want this.

        bawolff	You can find them if you look in kind archive-y places on the internet. They're kind of cool
	ShakespeareFan00	MOD is nominally 'free'
	-->|	Helpmebot (helpmebot@wikimedia/bot/helpmebot) has joined #wikimedia-commons
	ShakespeareFan00	And you may be able to get an HTML5 Web audio player for it
	ShakespeareFan00	Does WMF fund tech projjects?
	bawolff	We could certainly convert it to ogg in the backend with Timidity
	bawolff	yes, IEG's fund tech projects now
	ShakespeareFan00	MOD has the sample data with it...
	FDMS	got a .mod file, unfortunately GarageBand doesn't recognise it
	ShakespeareFan00	MIDI is just note date and yes Timidity could be used as backend...- What does the Music extension tag use?
	ShakespeareFan00	FOR 'MOD's you'd need a tracker program
	ShakespeareFan00	like ModPlug
	bawolff	The score extension goes lilypond -> midi, and then uses timidity to go from midi -> ogg
	ShakespeareFan00	which was now 'open-source' IIRC
	ShakespeareFan00	(MOdPlug was open source...)
	ShakespeareFan00	And some modern tracker files are rendered to OGG for distribution anyway
	ShakespeareFan00	Not that there are many 'MOD' files that are Creative Commons..... the tracker music scne seemingly working on the honour system... and 'If you rip me off the community will know" type approaches
	bawolff	Having an HTML5 player for mod would be cool. Although that's probably a bit more work then just throwing them at timidity
	bawolff	unless someone has already created an HTML5 player
	ShakespeareFan00	As I said OpenModPlug is around.... but that's Desktop, Not WebAudio as such
	bawolff	Anyways, if there is political will to enable the format on commons, its probably a very straight forward tech project to add support to TimedMediaHandler
	ShakespeareFan00	Found on a quick surf... It's JavaScript vs Pure HTML5 though so...
	bawolff	Well we'd need js for the html5 audio thing. No browsers are going to support mod natively
	ShakespeareFan00	JSModplayer is MIT license -
	ShakespeareFan00	Shouldn;'t be hard to port it (not by me though)
	bawolff	So this is definitely in the realm of do-able
	ShakespeareFan00	True
	ShakespeareFan00	jsmodplayer needs a powerful CPU though...
	ShakespeareFan00	It's a bit jumpy for me
	ShakespeareFan00	There maybe other players around though
	bawolff	Surely it can't take more CPU to play a mod file then it does to play an ogg theora video. We've managed to get video working in pure js
	ShakespeareFan00	I'm basing this on the examples on the link I gave

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From what I can gather from the minified source of jsmodplayer, it seems to actually be a wrapper around a flash player.

So Timidity seems like a better idea.