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[EPIC] (Elephant): translate sister wiki projects descriptive text
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Upon the addition of the sister wiki projects descriptive text on the portal page, we'll now tackle getting those descriptions translated into as many languages as possible. There are several steps to do this:

1. create a new .json file that will contain the descriptive text - something like:

'wikivoyage-descriptive-text': 'Free Travel Guide'
  • can be called en.json for convenience
  • should look just like any such file in MediaWiki extensions.

2. add in a new path in git for this new .json file, such as:


3. get a group set up for this in translatewiki with push access

  • @Nikerabbit will help set up a message group setup for

4. do a request to the community for translations of the descriptive text

5. as translations come in from the community, they are 'pushed' to our new .json file in our repository

  • one file per language
  • updates are generally pushed twice a week

6. update the portal page to call this new .json file when the page is loaded and the user's preferred browser language is detected

7. every time the portal page is updated, the new translations will need to be retrieved from the repo and merged to then be updated with the rest of the portal

Note: pay attention for how right to left languages are displayed

Further notes from @Nikerabbit:
If you generate the page with translations on server side, then one must ensure that the front-end cache is split by browsers accept-language header to avoid serving wrong language to users from the cache. It will be good to loop in operations people as this needs their involvement if not done already. The translations can also be applied on the client with JavaScript but that has it's own gotchas as well.

Original A/B testing ticket for descriptive text with timeline and details:
Ticket releasing the code into production:

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moving to done - we've done all the ground work for this particular feature.