please delete or merge my phabricator user account
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I accidently created this account ( and cannot remove the LDAP connection. My primary account is Sorry for confusion!

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I don't think that merging is supported by Phabricator, and as the account has been used it cannot be deleted.
An account can be deactivated though if wanted.

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@JakobVoss, @nichtich: How would you like to proceed? Should I deactivate JakobVoss ?

Yes, please deactivate Phabricator account @JakobVoss but also remove the connection to LDAP Account "JakobVoss", so I can connect the latter to Phabricator account @nichtich!

No one else can remove connections except for the user, and a Phabricator account has to be associated to at least one LDAP or SUL account...

Maybe you could create a random MediaWiki account, associate it to the Phab account, remove the LDAP account from the Phab account, and then I could deactivate it? Hmmm. Not too great, I know. :-/

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This needs action from JakobVoss first (see my previous comment) hence reassigning this task.

Thanks and sorry - I could have thought about the workaround myself!

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No sorry needed - I think it's not too obvious, to be honest. So I've also deactivated the @JakobVoss account now so there's only the @nichtich account left. :)