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Come up with a better "active" (selected) state for buttons and especially button groups
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The current OOUI/M101 button design has "active" (on an otherwise un-flagged button) as a dark grey, which feels a bit too negative/disabled to me. Indeed, it's not clear to me that distinguishing between the current disabled and stylings is accessibility-compliant.

T136590 Active-ToggleButton-State OOjs UI Demos 2016-03-02.png (43×368 px, 5 KB)

Proposed with overhauled color palette:

T136590 ButtonSelectWidget active state - OOjs UI Demos 2016-09-09.png (47×394 px, 4 KB)

After T107953: Use progressive for selected states in OOUI toolbars shows the way with toolbars, maybe use of colour to show selected state more generally is for what we should aim?

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M101 doesn't have a design for an active (pressed) button, which we use e.g. for the selected option in a ButtonSelectWidget. It has a design for :active button, which in CSS parlance means the brief moment between when the user presses the mouse button down and lets go of it when clicking a button.

That said, I agree, our current styling for this in MediaWiki theme is quite awful. Apex theme does this a lot better.

I don't see those two states necessarily separate from each other. I think it would make sense trying one visual appearance, that is stronger separated from disabled state for both, CSS :active and selected/on state of button in ButtonSelectWidget or ToggleButtonWidget.

Change 309483 had a related patch set uploaded (by VolkerE):
MediaWiki theme: Enhance button styles and align them to new color palette

Change 309483 merged by jenkins-bot:
MediaWiki theme: Enhance button styles and align them to new color palette