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Email address to contact the Technical Collaboration team on conduct related topics
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Description says that the WMF Technical Collaboration team handles reports of unacceptable behavior in Wikimedia technical spaces. This is true, but in practice people need to know that they must contact @Aklapper or @Qgil for online incidents (the case of @Rfarrand for WMF Friendly space policy violations is well documented) mentions the Technical Collaboration team as point of contact for cases delegated by the Committee and appeals. "" is currently mentioned in the draft, as email address to contact this team.

This task is about:

  • Deciding the right email address to be created. Only some TC team members are involved in conduct reports and have access to their related information, and this should be reflected in the email address.
  • Deciding the backend for this email address. The CoC will have an obligation of keeping track of reports received and their discussion, under a confidentiality clause. We have basically the same obligation.
  • Creating the email address and setting up its backend.
  • Document it, announce it.

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Qgil lowered the priority of this task from Medium to Low.
Qgil moved this task from Backlog to Ready to Go on the Developer-Advocacy (Jul-Sep-2016) board.
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On a second thought, I'd rather wait until the Code of Conduct for technical spaces and its Committee are in place. The right implementation of a reporting tool needs to be implemented there. If we still need our own contact point, then we can just mirror that implementation.