Close upload form to normal users on fo.wikipedia
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Author: ice201

Hello. As discussed here: we have a problem with users uploading images that are obviously non free without any licenses, and even free images that should be put on commons, leaving us administrators a lot of work to delete images. What we would like to do is close the upload form to the Faroese Wiki ( to all users EXCEPT for Administrators and Bereaucrats. And have the upload form for normal users redirect to Commons. Or if not possible, then I guess I can just edit the MediaWiki:Upload form for Commons redirection. Thank you.

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ice201 wrote:

Ok, I am working on translating the commons interface into faroese. I want when a user clicks on the upload link on the faroese wikipedia, it redirects it to the Commons:Upload/fo form. And also have the upload form closed so when a user clicks on a red link, it does not allow them to upload locally, unless they are of course an ADMINISTRATOR. Thanks again!

jeluf wrote:

Set wgUploadNavigationUrl = ''
Set groupOverrides to

'fowiki' => array(
	'user' => array( 'upload' => false ),
	'sysop' => array( 'upload' => true ),


ice201 wrote:

Sounds great ! Just one thing, it should be:

Set wgUploadNavigationUrl =

Thats all. Thanks a lot! :)

jeluf wrote:


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