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"Page was saved by others" warning
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Prewarning: This, so far, is only an idea, and it it not clear yet if it will be realized like that

Story: As a user I want to be notified if somebody else saved the page I am currently editing.


  • This would be a warning notice on the edit page
  • It would be done as a ß-feature (hence security review needed)
  • It would only work for js users
  • It would not check if an edit conflict might actually happen + just warn that a save has happened

Open Questions:

  • How often would such a notice be shown?
  • Has there been a discussion / decision around that topic already?

Background: Improving the edit conflict handling was wish #1 on the 2015 German speaking technical wishes survey.
Wish in English:
Original wish (in German):

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WMDE-Fisch subscribed.

This is not part of the current Two-Column-Edit-Conflict-Merge project and we're also not planing to work on this.

thiemowmde subscribed.

This is not a good place to track an unspecific idea that's almost 6 years old. We haven't seen a need for this. Nobody worked on this, and there are no plans to pick this up. T120882: Concurrent editing notice still exists.