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Recruit users for iOS Longitudinal study pilot
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We are looking to recruit 10-20 users who will download a special build of Wikipedia onto their phone. This build will have a video tracker that will record video/other data and will be activated every time the app is opened, to watch what they do with the app over a 10-day period. The app will also prompt them at various intervals during the 10-day period to provide feedback in the form of short surveys. It does not track their personal information or connect them to their survey responses.

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@pizzzacat to update with details ETA: 2016-08-05 and team will discuss in team meeting on Tuesday 2016-08-09

As noted in the recruiting request form, I have an email out to @Mpaulson in legal, to verify the final privacy policy. Please review the policy prior to beginning recruit. Thanks!


Do you know the timing of this study? Thanks!

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