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A/B Test (Chrysalis): Specifications on the gathering of data for the new top 10 language links display
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We'd like to run an A/B test that will have a control group and another group of portal visitors to be displayed a a new treatment of the top ten language links that will be collapsed into a horizontal line(s) to create a cleaner, more easier to view interface on the portal.

The full details for this test is in this epic:

Bucket testing logic generally is as follows:

  • 1 in 200 people are included in EventLogging
  • Of those 1 in 200 people, 1 in 10 are included in the test
  • Of those 1 in 10 people, 50% go in a test group, with the cohort "top10-b", and 50% will go in a control group, with the cohort name "top10-a"
  • The other chunk of the 200 people gets a NULL (the string null, or the MySQL null, we can detect either).

The language by article count will be reverted back from what we displayed in T131526, thus displaying what is currently on the Portal page (list of articles by language sorted highest to lowest amount).
The top ten language links will in the order of the visitor's browser's language preference (if they have one) from left to right.
This test is not meant to decrease the click-through rate of the top 10 links but to put the sometimes confusing information into a easier to understand interface. This test is also to see if the bounce rate of the portal page can be decreased with this new display of languages, as shown on the portal dashboard:

Event Timeline

Declining this story at this time - due to needing a concept of how to show the top 10 language links while keeping the article stats with the links and making it be legible and clear with a mobile centric view.