Replace tracking bug T76375 by new project "Labs Project Requests"
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T76375: New Labs project requests (tracking) should be replaced with a project.

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Totally separate or subproject of Labs or Tool-Labs ?

Definitivly not of Tool-Labs. I would propose a subproject of Labs. Other opinions?

A sub-project of Labs seems reasonable to me. I'd differ to @chasemp, @Andrew, and @yuvipanda as the ultimate deciders.

Andrew added a comment.Jun 3 2016, 7:05 PM

I don't object to this but also don't understand what the advantage is.

The important thing to understand about subprojects is that they have members, and parent projects do not. So the membership of parent projects is the union of all subproject membership.

That isn't really needed for this because essentially labs-project-requests will be used as a tag, not as a group.

So a standalone project is appropriate in this case.

Actually, upon further consideration, I think the most appropriate choice would be a milestone of labs - milestones get a column on the parent project's workboard and milestones to not have members.

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