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MediaWiki:Licenses/foo sometimes ignored when viewing Special:Upload&uselang=foo
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Author: brianna.laugher


The Special:Upload form is "redesigned" by taking advantage of the "uselang hack". All the MediaWiki messages that appear on Special:Upload have alternate versions created at (e.g.) MediaWiki:Uploadtext/foo and then users can use that version of the form by going to index.php?title=Special:Upload&uselang=foo.

This method has been used successfully on at least Wikimedia Commons and English Wikipedia, but on some wikis, the MediaWiki:Licenses/foo gets ignored and only the default MediaWiki:Licenses gets used. (This message is the list of license options that appears in the drop down box.)

This problem has been reported to me by the Greek Wikipedia and Citizendium wikis:

Apparently also but you'd have to beg for an account to confirm. ;)

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ewenste wrote:

Account creation at Citizendium is semi-automated and are usually processed in about 15 minutes,

This method of form hack requires some configuration hacks.

I also really don't recommend it as it kind of sucks. :)

brianna.laugher wrote:

What entails "some configuration hacks"? How is it that it works on English Wikipedia but not Greek or Vietnamese? Did English make a special request?

Yes it does kind of suck, but in the absence of a better solution... :)

The licenses message (at least) has to be added to the exception list for content messages to be loaded from the UI language. And yes, it was a special request...

thanhquang.nguyen wrote:

Could anyone fix the "Licences" problem for the Vietnamese Wikipedia? Thanks.

vinhtantran wrote:

I don't think another languages are so much less important than English and Commons Wikipedia that no one pay enough attention to this problem.

vinhtantran wrote:

It's such a long time since the first request, if you trick that successfully for English Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, is it so diffucult to do the same trick to other languages?

ewenste wrote:

I've emailed Tran offering to assist the Vietnamese wiki.

vinhtantran wrote:

I've created a new bug for developer to set the variable for Thank Ewen very much.

Greek Wikipedia is very interested in enabling this enhancement. Yes english wikipedia and commons are bigger projects but this feels like a discrimination against smaller language projects, responding to "special requests" from the bigger projects and not from others.

vinhtantran wrote:

You can file a seperate bug like I did in Bug 12699 to ask a developer to change the variable $wgForceUIMsgAsContentMsg in Greek Wikipedia. It worked for Vietnamese Wikipedia. Cheers.

Since this component is going through an overhaul, I doubt we'll be making any special configuration hacks to work with the existing code. Putting this in the upload category.

Bryan.TongMinh wrote:

Closing as invalid. Individual wikis should ask for $wgForceUIMsgAsContent message to be set as appropriate.