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Selected item (dropdown) blue missing from color palette
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When some items are highlighted a lighter version of blue is used. That lighter blue is used in several places as illustrated below, but it is not included in the palette section of M101 or the uses are described.

list-of-items-inconsistent.gif (324×640 px, 595 KB)

Updated screenshot after T143634: MediaWiki theme: Unify selected toolbar menu, dropdown and outlineOptionWidget background-color got resolved:

T136987 Selected item blue missing M101 - OOjs UI Demos 2016-09-07.png (352×705 px, 35 KB)

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This color is @background-color-selected in the Mediawiki OOUI theme and is being used only in all the variations of the menuOptionWidget.

Whether or not it is defined as a LESS variable in a file, or has/is been discussed in another phab ticket, M101 is my reference for the current look and feel of widgets. As a result I don't see any blocker for adding a dropdown widget, with a selected item of the expected color and the corresponding color somewhere in the color palette. The color should also be defined as a variable in

I think we should do this (color explicitly defined + variable + widget mock) regardless of the actual color code. If we are not so comfortable with the current color code and define a better one, we'll update base.less and M101 accordingly. Just my two cents :)

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After T143634 got merged, the progressive and constructive background-colors were included in M101 as of today (2016-09-07) and this can be set resolved.

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