Allow more than 1 password reset per 24 hours
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I recently tried to reset my password and I put in the wrong email address when I tried to reset my password. Since I used the wrong email address Wikipedia did not send me a password reset code. I went back and input my other email address and tried to reset my password but I received an error message saying that I couldn't attempt to reset my password for another 24 hours.

I understand you want to reduce fraud and avoid hackers using robots to hack into peoples accounts, however, I think allowing one try per 24 hours is overly restrictive. Most sites allow at least three attempts before locking accounts. I suggest Wikipedia do the same.

See Also: T54839: 24 hour Reset password email lock should not be set if sending the email failed

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MediaWiki's defaults include $wgPasswordReminderResendTime = 24;, I think maybe Wikimedia should just override that, or we could move it down to something more like 8 hours.

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I think maybe it makes more sense to allow 3 tries in a 24 hour period, instead of reducing the length of the period. After all, if you make a typo, you probably don't want to wait 8 hours anymore than you want to wait 24 hours to try again

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