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Import/export translations between Qualtrics and Meta
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We use Qualtrics as a platform for a lot of surveys, some of them large and multilingual. We currently have no reasonably painless way to:

  1. draft a survey in Qualtrics
  2. export the strings to Meta
  3. get them translated to N languages
  4. import the translated strings back into Qualtrics, per language
  5. potentially rinse and repeat steps 2-4 for changes. Or just step 4, if an additional language becomes available in translation.

It seems to me that there's enough of an API in Qualtrics to make this feasible. I wonder if someone feels like taking a closer look and either coming up with a prototype or fleshing out requirements and gathering relevant bits of the API.

The Qualtrics API:

This would have great impact on how inclusive we can be in our surveys, and on the quality of the translations we use in them.

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Who is "we" in "We use Qualtrics as a platform for a lot of surveys"? WMF or some WMF team?

@Aklapper --

  1. "WMF" in that we've just used it for the "ED Search" survey
  2. the WMF Community Engagement department (multiple teams)
  3. WMF grantees and community program leaders use it (using WMF-provided licenses) to run surveys in their communities.