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Language "norsk" ("no") added in the signature section, but only "nynorsk" ("nn") and "bokmål" ("nb") should be used
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Given that I have no user page
When I open an item
Then I get a signature section with "norsk"

The provided example is for Norway (Q20)

Screendump wrong default languages 2016-06-05.png (507×970 px, 36 KB)

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Wikipedia initially had a single edition for Bokmal and Nynorsk, using "no" for both. But the content was mostly in Bokmal, so "no" turned there to be an alias of "nb" (Bokmal), and "nn" was to be used for the other Nynorsk variant.
Could we simply make "no" and "nb" aliased in interwikis prefixes and domain names, as well as in translation resources of MediaWiki ?

Keeping "nn" separated and keeping a primary language fallback between no=nb and nn like these proposed fallback chains:

  • no -> nb; nn; (others?); default(en)
  • nb -> no; nn; (others?); default(en)
  • nn -> no; nb; (others?); default(en)

So if a user adds a signature with "no", it will still mean Bokmal by default, and if "nb" is proposed it means the same as "no". There's no real need to create a distinct "no" version that would mix both variants of the language, given that they will have fallbacks to each other in any case one version is missing.

I wonder if "no" could be used for those cases where the signature is equal for the two language forms. The same could be done for larger language groups, unless the fields are overridden by an exact language match. This would solve a lot of duplicate names.