Recommendations to publish Product updates
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At T124288: Communication channels between communities and teams involved in the product development process we have discussed where to post calls for feedback at the main checkpoints of the life of a software product. That process is too heavy for posting more regular updates looking for awareness and more casual feedback.

Currently different WMF Product teams organize these updates in different ways. It would be useful to have a default recommendation that teams could adapt to the specific characteristics of their projects.

Questions that this guideline would answer:

  • When is it worth to post updates? (vs regular activity in Phabricator and their notifications)
  • When i18n and translations need to be taken into account? (when "always" is probably met with translators fatigue)
  • What is the preferred format for updates in the project page?
  • When to use also an additional wiki page (in another wiki), a specialized mailing list, wikitech-l, Tech News, the Wikimedia Blog...?

There are existing pages related to this topic -- see

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@Keegan you are the natural owner for this task. Do you want to take it?

Sure. I think it might be interesting to see if some of these points are resolved in the review of the Technical Collaboration Guideline and clarifying current information instead of writing a more detailed section.

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