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Provide a way for interactive maps to be embedded externally
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One of the larger potential uses of multimedia content is in the reuse and sharing elsewhere on the internet. Interactive maps should have the ability to be encapsulated (most likely via an iframe) to be reused on non-Wikimedia sites. Initial use cases would be GLAM organizations reusing maps in projects within their own web presence.

Initial considerations should include:

  • Be sure to include attribution and links back to the source content
  • Make it easy to embed - no need to be a HTML-wizard to generate the embed code

Possibly relevant tasks:

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@Susannaanas you might be interested in this. Also, @Wittylama, @Spinster , @Multichill -- we hope to start thinking about this in the next 3-6 months, do you have any initial thoughts?

Just adding a few notes in here as I pondered how to go about doing this from a technical perspective to potentially help developers working on this task. IANAD (I am not a developer) so take this for a grain of salt. :)

  • iframes work if javascript is disabled, Ajax or other scripts will not.
  • iframes also work in cases where javascript runs up against the cross domain origin policy.
  • Did you know that Gmail uses iframe extensively? I hadn't a clue.


Also worth mentioning existing methods for embedding content:

@Multichill yes theoretically any map, but really the stuff that we have a whole lot of data for (paintings for instance, cultural heritage). The idea would be to find some way for the map or graph created by a volunteer, of educational value, out into other websites, theoretically, also with the added value of Wikidata queries or snapshots from Wikidata queries.

I have fiddled with maps quite a bit via the query engine and I work on internet projects in the Dutch cultural sector, so I'm chiming in with some tips from both sides. In order to make maps with 'our' Wikimedia-data useful and attractive for external parties, I would add the following (incomplete!) suggestions. In a 'I Want A Pony' spirit...

Perhaps a good idea to ask a panel/group of potential re-users, at some point, which of these features they would find most important, and if they have other suggestions.
@Susannaanas any additions/tips?

Design of the map itself

  • It'll be more attractive for external re-users if they have freedom in deciding what the map looks like. Choice between colors, styles, from very simple outlined maps to detailed ones...
  • Let the re-user decide what the (initial) coordinate boundaries of the map will be.
  • Let the re-user decide what the pixel size of the map on their website will be.
  • Let the re-user decide if the map will include zoom in/out buttons or not.

Design of the markers ('dots')

  • Let the re-user choose between different styles and colors of markers on the map. Maybe even with the option to add their own.

Design of the popups

  • Let the re-user have freedom in the design of the pop-ups. Font types and colors, background colors...
  • Let the re-user decide whether the pop-ups are visible immediately, or after a click. For a map with a very small number of markers it might be interesting to have all pop-ups immediately open and visible.

Content/data that appears inside the popups

  • An easy system to let the re-user decide which data to include and exclude.
  • Easy way to choose and switch languages.
  • Good fallback in case labels in a specific language don't exist.
  • Data must look as correct and reliable as possible. Especially times and dates must look good.
  • Flexibility in markup of the data shown - ability to vary in fonts/markup/colors/layout, in image sizes
  • Source of the data must be clear (whether it comes from Wikidata or elsewhere), but on the other hand this source info must not overwhelm the rest (it should be subtle)
  • An important one: I'm pretty sure that re-users will want the ability to include links to their own content/website in the popups too.

This is an interesting initiative! Some thoughts/additions


  • My first and foremost desire is to have a bitmap layer enabled as part of the map mashup.
  • Should mixing with external data be allowed?

Wikipedia applications

  • Make sure that the possibilities are also available on-wiki, in lists, infoboxes etc.

Further actions

  • The embeddable map could allow further actions, such as export of the data, correcting/adding/translating. The more stylish option would be to allow it inside the element as a microtask.


  • It would also be really useful and spectacular, if the base map could be styled by end users.
  • Languages, language fallbacks
  • Front end styling, tech fallbacks such as a static map
  • Authoring should be relatively easy
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