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Local mail delivery not working on new labs instance
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This was discovered at the same time as T137160. When attempting to send mail locally using:
$ echo -n "Test" | mail -s Test root

The mail is not delivered and the following message appears in /var/log/exim4/mainlog:

2016-06-06 22:58:34 1bA3Te-00012B-TM <= U=dpatrick P=local S=578
2016-06-06 22:58:34 1bA3Te-00012B-TM => :blackhole: <> R=system_aliases
2016-06-06 22:58:34 1bA3Te-00012B-TM Completed

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faidon added a subscriber: faidon.Jun 6 2016, 11:20 PM

This is because of 0295b935034c685936f5a79c273696df6bb4521c. We intentionally blackhole mails to root@, as there is no infrastructure support at the moment to direct root@ to the instance or project owner (cf. T41785).

Since that doesn't exist, root@ was going to the production roots, which were getting all kinds of cronspam from all misconfigured Labs instances — so what we do as an interim workaround is just blackhole it at the source.

@faidon: Local mail to dpatrick is also blackholed. Is that expected behavior based on this configuration change?

Yes, indirectly. Like production, the configuration rewrites all individual accounts to root@ (the last line of the exim config), which is then rewritten to :blackhole: based on the change above.

faidon closed this task as Declined.Jun 6 2016, 11:47 PM

I'll decline — the current situation is working as intended; the problem is real, though, but the right solution is being tracked indirectly by T41785. If you disagree, feel free to reopen.