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Maniphest's advanced search is not linked by maniphest
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In all apps, the advanced search and all the saved queries are available in the main page of the app. From any other page you click the app icon in the top left corner (an anchor in the case of Maniphest) and you get there, In exchange of this, users creating or viewing a task are not bothered with a dozen extra links in a left column.

I think this is fine, and applied consistently across Phabricator. I don't think we should pursue any change of this architecture upstream. Proposing Declined.

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I am not aware of other Phab users bringing this up either, so I'm declining this.

I am not aware of other Phab users bringing this up either

That requires them finding out a maniphest advanced search exists, in the first place (among other things). So I doubt it means anything.

Many things that might be helpful are written on the Phabricator frontpage and on the frontpages of tools like Maniphest.
I don't think that we should replicate everything that's on the frontpage to every other single page in Maniphest.

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