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Move static assets to wheels
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@Krinkle just pointed out that GUI of loads some js and css from labs. We should fix it.

Pull request:


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Looks like we are pulling assets from and

Seems like both of these could come from the same sources that MediaWiki uses. @Krinkle, do you know of any sort of directory we can look through to find a better place to get them in prod?

Forgot to say, but of course we can just download them and make them assets of ORES. That would be sad, but not that sad. That would fix the most of it. We need some other things too

I started some work to see if we could wrap these assets in a wheel. I worked out that wrapping assets in a python project and then providing access to them via wheel works pretty well. See and

I filed a bug at WikimediaUI to ask about how to build from the repo. See @Ladsgroup, do you know a good way to do this?

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