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Very long lines overflow in Diffusion
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Maybe related

Actually that is what this bug here describes.

Today's update hasn't been deployed yet so it can't be new today.

@mmodell nope not new today. Maybe related to the new diff screen that was introduced but I'm not sure if diffusion was updated to this new screen.

unified diffs are fine, it's only a problem on side-by-side diffs. Problem goes away if I toggle off the display: inline-block rule on the innermost span element.

@mmodell oh if removing display: inline-block fixes the problem could we apply it to phabricator please. and also submit it upstream please.

@Paladox: I'm not sure that it doesn't break other things...

mmodell triaged this task as Medium priority.

Closing this as resolved, was fixed by

Please reopen if the problem still happens.

Paladox moved this task from Backlog to Solved upstream on the Phabricator (Upstream) board.