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SI-units needs additional formatting
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Given that I have opened an article for translation in CX
And that the source language is Nynorsk
And the target language is Bokmål
And I have a text fragment with SI-units
When I translate the text in ContentTranslation
Then SI-units shall be kept in same formatting


"Innsjøen er kring 6,5 km lang og 2,5 km brei, med eit areal på 11,4 km<sup>2</sup>, og ei største djupne på 169 m."


"Innsjøen er rundt 6,5 KM lang og 2,5 KM bred, med et areal på 11,4 KM2, og en største djupne på 169 m."

The SI-units use additional superscript, which is lost. Note that "11,4 km<sup>2</sup>" becomes "11,4 KM2".

VisualEditor allows formatting for sub/sup to be set through [ctrl]+[,] and [ctrl]+[.] but it does not work when I try to use them.

There are other errors in the text fragments.

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The new version of Content translation now uses the same editing surface as Visual Editor, so it should support the formatting described. If there are still issues feel free to repoen and provide details on how to reproduce them. thanks!