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Maniphest advanced search contains obscure fields by default
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Description shows, by default, fields like "Reference" which are uncomprehensible.

To be as user-friendly as bugzilla's advanced search, less used fields should be collapsed by default and enabled by the users who need them.

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"Reference" is our custom field to find tasks migrated from fab, Bugzilla, RT...

As for the rest... It's an advanced search. I think "obscure fields" is an exaggeration. Proposing Declined.

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In T1376#24290, @Qgil wrote:

"Reference" is our custom field to find tasks migrated from fab, Bugzilla, RT...

That field could be named better (and since it's custom I imagine it's not a complex change).

We now also have the rather obscure "Query (prototype)" which apparently refers to the new fulltext engine but that's from upstream and presumably temporary.