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Wikimania Hackathon 2016: Opening
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If you are attending the hackathon make sure that you don't miss the Hackathon opening.
The opening will be taking place on Wednesday morning from 10am - 11am at the Gym.

During the opening you will be welcome to the event, learn about important event logistics and hear from other hackathon participants about the projects that they will be working on, the sessions that they will be running or the skill-sets and interests that they have to offer.

Order of speakers:
Simone - welcome
Rachel - logistics
Nick - logistics
Siebrand - showcase
Hackathon participants pitch projects - (please help record the names and projects, sessions or skills that at presented
Hacking time!

Event Timeline

I would like to live stream this session in 360 (I have the gear). Is that okay?

Hi @Ainali please come to the hackathon opening space early and chat with us. This should be fine, but we need to work out some logistics of not recording people with "no-photo" badges.

I will be at the gym starting at 9am.
See you soon!

Here is the stream, will be archived on the same URL:

Excellent! Thanks for streaming @Ainali :)
Session is complete and I am closing this task.