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Drilldown result query is ignoring current language
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Hello Yaron,

I'm not quite sure about this, but it appears to me that the Semantic Drilldown ASK Query result is not properly translated into the currently used language.

The other parts of the BrowseData Special page are properly translated, just the result itself is not.

I've taken a look into the code, but couldn't find a solution or point to a specific problem, sorry.

I'm using {{int: strings to translate some property names, like this:

<!-- DRILLDOWNINFO --><div class="hidden" style="display: none;">{{#drilldowninfo:filters=
  Tag (property=Tag,int=SA Tag Tags),
  First Letter (property=First Letter,int=SA Foundation First Letter),
  |display parameters=?Short Description={{int:SA Foundation Short Description}};?Tag={{int:SA Tag Tags}};format=broadtable;mainlabel={{int:SA Tag Tag}};
  |header=Template:S Tag Drilldown Header

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Semantic Drilldown doesn't do an Ask/SMW query, it does a direct SQL query, as strange as that sounds.

What is not being translated?

The labels of the result are not translated.

I thought it does an SMW query at the bottom? This is also where some parameters like "display parameters" are implemented. You can actually choose wich Semantic Result Format you want to use.

See this screenshot -> Short Description should be translated.

2016-06-13 16 14 52.png (164×997 px, 6 KB)

Thanks for the fast reply!

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No, it doesn't do an SMW query, it packages its own results as SMW query results and sends them to one of the formatters.

Ah, now I get it - I missed all the "int"s in the original wikitext you sent.

On that note - I understand the purpose of the #int calls, but what is this about?

(property=Tag,int=SA Tag Tags)

Did "int=" in there ever do anything? Is that some patch you added to SD?

Yes, "int=" is part of a patch that I've uploaded in a task here.

This int is for translating the filters, which works.

Maybe I have to follow some similar route/logic...


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