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Phlogiston-1 unresponsive
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Description was unresponsive by browser this morning (last time I'm sure it was up was middle of last week). It didn't respond to ssh. showed active but "get console output" returned blank.

I clicked REBOOT, and now it is in state ERROR; web browsing returns a 502, and ssh fails with "no route to host". "Get console output is still blank".

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Andrew closed this task as Resolved.Jun 15 2016, 12:35 AM
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I migrated this VM to labvirt1009 and did a bit of puppet/apt cleanup, and it seems to be working fine. The original cause of the lockup is unknown, but that's a problem for me and not for you :)

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Same thing happened today. Do you want me to open a fresh ticket?

thinking this is related to T137857 I tried to recovery this VM but so far no dice.

nova reset-state --active ab9a7a7b-709f-4bb6-9f33-c56942f30ab5

nova start ab9a7a7b-709f-4bb6-9f33-c56942f30ab5
Request to start server ab9a7a7b-709f-4bb6-9f33-c56942f30ab5 has been accepted.

nova list --all-tenants | grep phlog
| ab9a7a7b-709f-4bb6-9f33-c56942f30ab5 | phlogiston-1                         | phlogiston                  | SHUTOFF | -          | Shutdown    | public=
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This needs migrating to labvirt1011 since all other instances are shortage.

Andrew closed this task as Resolved.Jul 5 2016, 1:57 PM
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I started this instance just now and it seems to be up and running OK.

I've also made another attempt to resolve the parent bug and I'm optimistic that this will stop happening.

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