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Cannot scroll the page using up or down arrow when focus is in an editing area
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When the focus is in a translation section(editable), pressing up or down arrow will not make the page scroll. Instead the cursor will go up and down and stop and the section boundary(for example - a paragraph)

This is because the every section is individual contenteditables. Special key handling may require to get the focus to the section above or below.

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I proposed supporting arrows to move across sections at T109056#1872607.

I think the expected behaviour should be:

  • When reaching the end/beginning of a section, pressing down/up keys should bring the editing cursor to the next/previous block.
  • If the previous/next block has not been added to the translation, the block should become highlighted for the user to be able to (a) add the translation by pressing enter, or (b) keep moving with the arrows to other blocks.

I agree with Pau—this is simple and intuitive.

"New functionality", because this may require significant coding effort (and it's great if I'm overestimating), and because it is a bit of a departure from the strong focus on isolated paragraphs that we had till now.

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Checked in wmf.6 - up-down arrow buttons allow users to scroll moving between (and within) translated paragraphs. User can navigate up and down a page even without translated paragraphs.