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Investigate signature problems and mention failure notifications
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Reasoning: For a mention to work, the comment needs to contain a signature. This poses risks, as a wrongly formatted signature results in a mention not being sent. Therefore, we want to find cases of intended, but (for mentions) unsuccessfully made signatures.

Task: Look into the following cases and find out, with how much effort we could detect those errors and notify about them:

  • message included signature not from self
  • signature was embedded in template
  • signature was not the same as ~~~ or ~~~~

Points to all cases are mentioned in

Background: This task is based on a wish that received 21 points (#9) in the German Community Wishlist[1]. Originally, the wish was to receive an information about the sent messages. To keep the number of notifications smaller, and to help people use mentions in a way that they are sent, the task informs about mention failures, and adds the reasons for the failure as well.

[1] Link to wish (in German):
in English:

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message included signature not from self

One issue is whether the "failed mention" notification will trigger if you move talk page content (which will likely contain a bunch of previously-made mentions with various signatures) to an archive.

Tobi_WMDE_SW set the point value for this task to 8.Jun 16 2016, 2:13 PM

signature was not the same as ~~~ or ~~~~

The code does not care about ~~~~ at all and only tries to match the output of ~~~
If this is not used then the user did not sign, this is the only 'valid' signature in my eyes (you can't sign something without using ~~~)

signature was embedded in template

This seems like an odd edge case. The content of each line could probably be passed through and have templates expanded before trying to find a sig?

message included signature not from self

Basically impossible for this, signatures do not have any set format.