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[EPIC/WIP] Fast frontend isolated unit testing
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WIP, do not touch



  • Implement test running infra
    • Running locally
    • Running in CI (via npm test)
  • Analyze current qunit tests
    • Identify isolated unit tests that could be extracted from the qunit folder and migrated
    • Identify integrated unit tests that could be migrated with some refactoring
  • Proper code coverage
    • Integrate code coverage reports and fail job on coverage decrease

Feel free to point ideas in the comments to integrate into the epic.

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Needs fleshing out.

This are all things that are done in Popups, so we know how to do it. Also making this change as part of migrating sources to common.js makes it easier to do. I'm not sure this is valuable on its own, maybe it should be part of migrating mobilefrontend sources to common.js with the pre-compilation step.