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Get rid of globalvar in
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I believe global variables are generally a bad practice. encapsulates them into class Global, but keeps using the single container global variable globalvar (which is an instance of Global). Not using global variables helps testing.

We could get rid of it by passing Global instances around as arguments. The affected classes would be Subject and InterwikiBot only.

A potential problem is breaking backward compatibility - if other scripts use class InterwikiBot, they would have accessed interwikibot.globalvar directly. [1] Could we accept that such scripts might break and they have to be updated?

If we are to do this, I also suggest renaming Global into InterwikiBotConfig or simply Config.

[1] See for example:


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Get rid of globalvar in

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@Xqt said that:

I am a bit unsure about this patch because it is a breaking change and conf parameter to the affected classes is mandatory even it is a names parameter. Without the setting parameter the script wouldn't work. Otherwise it's only a script and it shouldn't derived anywhere.

Although I mentioned the possible incompatibility, I believe the number of the scripts dependent to is really small. It is a script, not a library, after all.

As I mentioned, I'm introducing this in the belief that it would make writing tests easier. could use more extensive unit tests - there are so many corner cases with Wiktionary interwiki links. Crashes with Wiktionaries are so common that I have to restart it almost daily (with cron).

Change 295107 merged by jenkins-bot:
Get rid of globalvar in

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