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Displayed semicolons should be localizable
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Author: roozbeh

There are different places in MediaWiki that a semicolon is used to separate list of usernames, separate a timestamp from a page name, etc.

These are done using hard-coded strings of semicolon followed by space, '; ', which cannot be localized, as is required for languages that use the Arabic and Syriac scripts, including Persian. Persian uses a different Unicode character for semicolon, namely U+061B, ARABIC SEMICOLON.

Example of such could be seen here:
(search for ;)

All uses of semicolon that is displayed to the user should be localizable. I guess this could be best achieved by definining a localizable string name "semicolon-separator" defaulting to "; ".

I am working on a patch.

Version: 1.12.x
Severity: normal



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roozbeh wrote:

Patch to fix the issue (partially untested)


roozbeh wrote:

Some comments by Nikerabbit on IRC about the patch that I will need to consider:

first is that messages can't end in whitespace
the second thing about the patch is escaping html/parsing
and the third thing is that it could perhaps be cache
afaik changes list does have msgcache like $this->msg or something

Optimized for caching and more arabic script languages added. Committed with r28197.