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Remove some messages from the deleted 'global-gather-admins' global group
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Messages regarding the now defunct global group "global gather admins" should be removed from WikimediaMessages; those'd be:

"group-global-gather-admins": "Global Gather admins",
"group-global-gather-admins-member": "{{GENDER:$1|global Gather admin}}",,


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I think gerrit bot is running a bit behind today @MarcoAurelio

MarcoAurelio lowered the priority of this task from Medium to Low.Aug 2 2016, 10:52 AM

Can I have a reviewer on the patch I submitted? It is a fairly straightforward patch. (@Platonides)

Change 302124 merged by jenkins-bot:
Removing 'global-gather-admins' messages.

Patch is merged now. Thank you.